Welcome to Viridian Investment Partners, L.P.

Founded in 2007, Viridian Investment Partners, L.P. is an $80 million fund established for the purpose of seeking capital appreciation primarily through investment in the equity securities of private companies.

Viridian seeks attractive investment opportunities in a broad spectrum of businesses, preferring investments in companies with recurring revenue models and a proven business plan that are seeking growth capital. Viridian will also consider earlier stage opportunities in game-changing, capital-efficient businesses where the management team has the enthusiasm and market knowledge that can lead to success.

Our Team has worked together in a variety of operational and investing roles, collectively starting, acquiring, managing, selling and investing in hundreds of businesses. As both seasoned operators and investors, we have the common vision of sharing our collective experience, passion and energy to help our portfolio company management teams with strategic planning, business plan execution tactics, mergers and acquisitions, and capital market activities.

Viridian Investment Partners Approach:

As business executives, we have collectively started, acquired, managed, and sold over 125 businesses.
  • Including start-ups through multi-billion dollar exits.
  • Navigating through numerous economic and capital market cycles.
  • Involving B2B, B2C, and B2G, via various revenue models, including subscription e-business.
  • Generating significant returns to stakeholders.
As investors, we seek to:
  • Work with exceptional management teams.
  • Invest in businesses with strong economics in telecommunications, alternative energy, information technology, and software-as-a-service.
  • Share our collective experience, helping talented and driven entrepreneurs build great companies of enduring value.