Glenn Friedly

Glenn Friedly Glenn Friedly

For almost 30 years, Glenn Friedly has been actively involved in various businesses, spending the early part of his career in government service. From 1975 until 1980, Mr. Friedly served as a senior advisor to Michigan’s governor, Hon. William G. Milliken.


In 1980 Mr. Friedly co-founded Horizon Cablevision, Inc. He served as Chairman and CEO of Horizon, which operated cable television systems throughout central Michigan. Horizon deployed an extensive network of fiber optic cable offering a range of services in addition to video service, including private networks, distance learning, and high speed internet access, which were considered advanced at the time. When Horizon was sold in 1999, its operations served over 55,000 subscribers. Mr. Friedly is the past President of the Michigan Cable Television Association and served on the Boards of the National Cable Television Cooperative Association and the Small Cable Business Association.


In 1995, Mr. Friedly funded Voyager Information Networks, which provided its customers access to the Internet. This positioned Voyager, as an early entrant, to take advantage of the explosive growth of the Internet following the release of Netscape’s browser. By the time of its IPO in 1999, Voyager was the largest Internet network company in the Midwest with more than 300,000 subscribers, 200 Points of Presence and operations in 6 states. Mr. Friedly served as Chairman until Voyager’s sale in 2000.


Friedly has also been active in the startup and expansion phases of various businesses including a security alarm company, a cable television operator in Brazil, a competitive local exchange carrier, a data center and real estate ventures. Mr. Friedly earned a B.S. degree from Oakland University and is a graduate of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School.