Jack Pottle

Jack T. Pottle

Jack Pottle has over 25 years of experience in the cable television and telecommunications industries. Mr. Pottle most recently served as Chief Executive Officer of FiberNet, LLC, a CLEC that operated in West Virginia and surrounding states. Fibernet was founded in 1996 and under Mr. Pottle’s management grew to be one of the largest telephone companies in West Virginia, with annual revenue in excess of $70 million and EBITDA margins in excess of 35%, among the highest in the industry. Fibernet was sold in 2005 to Conversent Holdings, Inc.


Prior to managing FiberNet, Mr. Pottle was President and COO of Fanch Communications, Inc., a cable television multiple systems operator that grew to approximately 600,000 subscribers before its sale in 1999 to Charter Communications.


Mr. Pottle previously served as Vice President of Operations for Rifkin & Associates, a cable television operating company. Prior to joining Rifkin, he was a consultant, partner and director of Browne, Bortz & Coddington, Inc., a media consulting firm.


Mr. Pottle is a graduate of Colorado College with a degree in Political Economy and received his Masters degree in Economics from the University of Colorado.